# Teams notifications

Cocoom allows your teams to be notified in Microsoft Teams when new Cocoom memos are created. As a Cocoom administrator, you can choose the team channel in which notifications come in.

It's a 2 steps configuration:

  • Webhook creation from chosen Microsoft Teams team channel
  • Cocoom thread configuration with this webhook

# Teams webhook creation

  • Go to a Teams channel, click on « … » icon and select « Connectors ».
  • In the displayed list, choose « Incoming Webhook ».
  • Choose a name for this connector. « Cocoom », for example.
  • Add a « Cocoom » icon (links to the icon you can use: ICON.png (opens new window))
  • Then click on « Create ».
  • A URL is then generated and displayed in the form. Copy it.

# Configure Cocoom thread

In Cocom administration side, choose « Channel » menu item.

  • Click on « Update » action for thread of you choice.
  • Scroll down to « Tools integration » part
  • Paste the « incomong Webhook » link in "Webhook link" field. You can add a comment to know which represents this link (for example, your Microsoft Teams team name + the team channel)
  • Click on « Add ».

The association is now complete.

Last Updated: a year ago