# Access & applications

Your knowledge base is created and available on our Cocoom servers.

We are taking great care to keep you safe in the best conditions and we will keep you safe several times a day to guarantee your data.

For and to accede, more possibilities are offered to you.

# Web App

Whatever your offer or integration, you can access it through the Cocoom app website by connecting to the unique URL of your base, choosing it when you create the platform.

⚠️ This address is protected by a login / password. It cannot be made public, and cannot be displayed in clear text for an unidentified user.

# App Microsoft Teams

Cocoom has developed a specific application for Microsoft teams.

This application allows you to manage and link your Cocoom knowledge base directly in your Microsoft Teams, without having to leave it (at all).

This application will soon be available in the Microsoft Teams application store, in the meantime you can download its installation pack for free from our website and configure it in your Microsoft Teams by following the installation procedure described in this guide.

Use in Microsoft Teams: paid offer at 2€/month / active user

A user is considered active as soon as he logs on to the platform at least once a month.

# Windows and Mac OS Apps

For a better user experience, Cocoom also offers two desktop applications, to be installed on your computer.

These applications are simple, they allow you to have a Cocoom icon in your application bar and to benefit from native notifications from your computer (as your email client could do).

This way, you always have Cocoom available, just like your other office applications, and you are informed in real time of changes on your knowledge base.

These applications are free and included in the freemuim offer.

# PWA - mobile

Cocoom is fully responsive, which means that your knowledge base adapts its navigation and content according to the medium: computer, tablet, mobile.

If you connect via the web app from your mobile, your Cocoom interface will be adapted for use on a phone.

To go further, the Cocoom team has developed a PWA (Progressive Web App). It is a light application that you can install on your phone.

PWA +/-

➕ The advantage is that the application occupies very little space and does not need updates.

➖ The disadvantage is that it cannot generate notifications like the others.

You still have direct access to your Cocoom, from your phone's home screen and without any navigation window.


PROCEDURE (opens new window)

# <iframes>

The Cocoom knowledge base can be divided into several parts and integrated into other applications simply thanks to its iframe catalogue.

An iframe allows you to display a small part of Cocoom in another page, hiding the navigation elements.

These integrations can be done on a web page, or in other tools allowing it like Sharepoint and other intranet.

If you wish to test this functionality, nothing could be simpler, you can access our iframes catalog in the configuration section.

Last Updated: 7 months ago