# Cocoom Presentation

# Philosophy

๐ŸŒŸ We want to help companies share their knowledge in a transversal and transparent way! We advocate for a responsible sharing of knowledge within companies to bring trust and transparency to all teams.

# Really simple to use

When you want to share knowledge within a team, an organization, a community, we allow you to create a common knowledge base.

This base is a dedicated Cocoom platform, with :

  • a personalized URL (you choose a subdomain)
  • a structure and content that you create
  • users you manage

You can manage this knowledge base without special technical skills and these online guides will allow you to be self-sufficient.

The creation of a platform is free of charge and can be done online : Sign up page (opens new window)

Cocoom's pricing is available here : Pricing (opens new window)

# The team behind Cocoom

Ergonomists, sociologists, UX designers, PhDs in computer science, technological innovation managers, communication professionals, consultant-trainer... Our multidisciplinary team is at your side every step of the way.

We are convinced that technology alone is not enough to sustainably improve collective performance. Being immersed in the history of your company, making your employees actors in the integration of your tool, accompanying you by offering interactive and collaborative training: so many elements that will make your project a success.

# Our contact details

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