# <iframes> list

# Definition

The iframes allow you to integrate part of your Cocoom knowledge base, to integrate it into your exiting tools: on an intranet, an extranet, a web page, a desktop app containing web integration, ...

To do this, you must know how to insert iframe on a web page, or have tools that allow you to do so.

🕵️ All these "windows" will always be protected, users must be authorized and connected to display the content of an <iframes> Cocoom, either by an automatic SSO connection, or by their Cocoom credentials.


Cocoom iframes cannot be publicly displayed on your website.


If you wish to make Cocoom be available to a wide audience / to a community of readers, "extranet" package allowing a large volume of readers is available.

Contact the sales department to know more about it : sales@cocoom.com.

# List of available iframes URLs

☝️ Base URL path is always the same


You must then add the following URL parts after your base URL to create your custom iframe.

Cocoom Part URL Details
My selection /myselection user subscriptions selection
Breaking News /breakingnews “Breaking news”
Headlines /headlines "Breaking news" headlines
a specific channel /channels/<channel ID> all publications of a specific channel (also called thread)
Directory /directory full base directory
User profile /people/<user ID> user specific profile
Notifications /notifications user notifications
Mon actions /myactivities all actions done by user (creation/interactions/bookmarks)
My settings /settings user account configuration
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